Growing up my first connection with crystals was surface level.  I admired their beauty, their essence, their magic. They reminded me of humans and little did I know how similar they are to us. "How can some damn rocks be like humans?" I know someone is thinking that right now, don't front. But let's retract a bit. Think back to that 6th grade science class when your teacher told you everything is energy and you gave her the side eye. She wasn't lying, everything is energy! The entire universe and your being is composed of energy- mostly dark energy ( I will explain another time!) . Not only are crystals energy, but they also come from the Earth. 

They're formed when liquid rock within the Earth cool and harden. The energetic and magnetic energy fields that these crystals are exposed to affect how they are formed, i.e lightening. The reoccurring theme: Alchemy, alchemy, alchemy. 

Some of us mystics use crystals to shift the energies of specific aspects of our life- self, love, protection, friendships, family, career, health, finance, personal goals. It's limitless! Similar to people, every type of crystal has a story and purpose- it's origin, healing properties. Crystals are even ruled by zodiacs, hence your birthstone! 

Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty. 



What are your intentions? 

What do you want to change in your life?

Are you battling with a physical or mental health issue? 

Are you seeking protection? 

What/who do you need to release? 

Do you need clarity on an issue?

Do you just need to clear your thoughts?

Are you doing chakra work?

Do you need aid in manifesting or productivity ?

What the hell do you want, sis?

Once your figure that out, it'll make your process a lot easier. 

I have a few ways I shop for crystals:

When I'm planning for an energetic shift I go online and do the research and see what my options are. There are plenty of crystals that have the same functions, so I choose the ones that resonate with me.

When I'm visiting a Botanica ( or any spiritual store)  my process is all intuitive; I let the crystals choose me. If there is one that immediately draws your eye, follow that initial instinct and do the research later. That crystal may be exactly what you need.

Don't be so focused on choosing a crystal, allow it to choose you.


Once you purchase a crystal, you have absolutely no idea whose been in contact with it. They absorb both positive and negative energies until they are cleansed, making cleansing absolutely essential. Clear those unwanted vibrations! Imagine carrying around a crystal for a year and never cleansing it. You'd be carrying all of the energy and weight from the past year. Like us, crystals are energy and alive; they need to be refreshed, reenergized and recharged! 

Think of activation as the morning iced coconut latte you can't function without. It brings you to life and wakes your ass up. That's exactly what crystal activation does, it awakens it. Activation can be done by the ritual of your choice whether it be sage, meditation or prayer. This process is developing the personal connection with and awakening your crystal. It isn't a necessity in this , but most people believe that it makes your crystal healing process a lot more powerful. So, why not expand the power? 


Your cleansing process can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. What's most important is choosing a technique which you feel most comfortable with. I'm a ritual type of girl, so I love making my spiritual practices a "thing" and dedicating that time to myself. But if you like to get right to it, the most direct route may work best for you. 

  • Salt/ Salt Water- The spiritual power of salt is unmatched. It's known for draining the dark energy  carried from negative vibrations, demons, etc. It is a great spiritual weapon, neutralizer, and purifier. For cleansing purposes, you can emerge your crystal in sea salt and simply let is sit in the salt for your selected amount of time. The average is overnight, but you can keep it submerged longer if you feel that a deeper cleanse is necessary. If you are cleansing with salt or saltwater, please be mindful that not all crystals work best with sea salt or salt water; they can sometimes ruin the structure, causing them to break over time. 

  •  Smudging- Sage, Palo Santo, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Incense, you name it! Choose your sacred herb or wood to eliminate negative energies. Make sure you have your bowl or abalone shell on deck as you wash over the crystals with the smoke.  

  • Singing Bowls- Music is indeed a healing property. You can play your singing bowl, allowing your crystal to be filled with sound to lift the vibrations and eliminate negative energy. 

  • Candle Flame- White candles symbolize purity, which would work best for this method of cleansing. Quickly run your crystal through the flame of the candle and state your intentions of cleansing and healing. You can repeat this cycle until you feel the energy has been been purified, trust your intuition! 


    • Sun and Moonlight - The sun and moonlight can be used to both cleanse and energize your crystal. The feminine energy projected from the moon can aid in emotional and spiritual cleansing or healing. The sun projects masculine energy, aiding in discipline, growth and stability.

    • Other Crystals- Amethyst and quartz clusters/geodes/druse can neutralize the energies of crystals. You can place a crystal ( or a few depending on the size of the cluster) on the amethyst or quartz and let it absorb the energy for a day or two. 

    Be mindful of how long you expose your crystals to sunlight, If left for an extended period it may change the color. 



    No limit on how many crystals you can work with, word to Master P. 


    If you have an altar, you may choose to keep some of your crystals at your alter. Some also like to make crystal grids ( I always thought they were super cool, but never tried it). Others like to keep them safely stored in a pouch. If you're like me, you may want to carry them with you in your bag, sleep with them, stash them in your bra. I'm totally that girl that carries crystals in her bra, btw! I like to keep Rose Quartz close to my heart.  


Don't sleep on their power and don't sleep on yourself. Be as specific as possible, and most importantly believe. I know it sounds super cheesy, but crystal healing is not for everyone and I'm sure some people may be skeptical of their power. Your belief system has to align with this form of alternative medicine for its effectiveness. 

  1. Be mindful of the people you expose your crystals to, as they do absorb the energies and emotions of those people.

  2. When you cleanse your crystals depends on how often you use them and what purpose you use them for.

  3. Sometimes crystals are passed down with energy that is specific for you and your healing. If that is the case, you do not need to cleanse them.

  4. There are certain crystals that recleanse and recharge themselves ( i.e quartz), you may not have to frequently charge and cleanse. 

  5. If you were working with a crystal and it breaks, reflect on what it could symbolize. Perhaps it no longer serves a purpose to you anymore. 

If you were interested in crystal healing but didn't know where to begin, hope this was able to give you a head start!