All brown women across the globe are connected by a multitude of commonalities, but girl this thing we have with hair is all consuming. Natural, relaxed, weaves, wigs, caesars, TWA's, tapered cut’s, braids, twists, bantu knots… need I go on? This subject can get pretty touchy, especially when we get into textures and typing; you know the 3’s and 4’s…

 Hair is a personal thing, it’s part of our identity just as our eye shape and color, the shape of our nose and the curve of our lips. We aren’t able to choose our features or our hair; genetics does that for us and despite the fact that our beauty is undeniable, many of us spend the entirety of our lives learning to love ourselves. Why is hair such a struggle when so many of us are having the same experiences? Most likely, because all brown girls are bombarded with daily images from birth till death that represent beauty as anything other than us. It’s no secret that European hair and features still rank highest on the beauty scale; hence the closer to European on the scale, the more attractive “society” deems us. When looking for validation from the world, these Eurocentric views can be damaging to how us brown girls perceive ourselves.

So the struggle commences…We combat the exclusion with self-love and validation! The Natural Hair Movement takes the world by storm. No it’s not new, but it’s betta than eva! Natural hair is not the enemy or competition to relaxed hair; I so hate that mentality. Natural hair is the response to those who project their complexes on to those whom are different from them. Different does not equate to inferior, despite what they try to make us believe. Natural is an acceptance of oneself without the need or desire to alter. It is a statement that I love who and what I represent, as I am, despite how anyone else feels about it. Now that doesn’t mean that brown girls whom relax feel any differently, because quite frankly the beauty of our hair is the flexibility and changeability. It’s all about choices and what makes you happy, comfortable and sometimes even convenience.

What I will say is that it is important to fall in love with your natural hair, despite how you choose to wear it, because it is part of who you are and to love it, is to know and love thyself. Says the woman who refused to wear anything shorter than 22 inches of the best Indian wavy that money could buy, for years… And I still love a good weave, but my self-growth journey, has been a self-love journey that led me to my natural girl journey and all I can say is that I love the looks that my sunkissed, 4B, wiry, wild but highly moisturized twa (teeny weeny afro) garnered me. So much so, that I decided why not cut it all off and go platinum;  you want Facetime, I'll give you FaceTime. It makes me feel that I’ve not so much changed, but more so evolved into my true self.

So in the true spirit of #BGA, let’s validate ourselves, because we are the truth, the coldest and the baddest. Relaxed, natural, baldies; no matter, We run tings. Now run along and create some new trends, so the world can continue to follow.