Aside from the obvious physical attraction, trends like Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) initiatives attract loyal consumers to brands that integrate social and economic issues into their business plan. According to this study, 9 out of 10 consumers expect the company to address these issues when making a purchase. Though I love and respect the planet, I can't front like I'm a "go-green" type of chick. However, over the years I've been more attentive to brands whose identities are organic and the producers are treated and compensated fairly. It's embarrassing enough to think that at some point it went unnoticed in my life. 

About five years ago, I interned for a production company during New York Fashion Week and had the pleasure of working backstage at Edun & the imprint was made. They were founded by Bono & Ali Hewson in 2005 with a mission to "promote supporting manufacturers, community-based initiatives and partnering with African artists and artisans".  

Fashion is merely defined by the clothes, but the style and attitude presented is what grasps my attention.  From personal experience, companies with similar missions often hyper focus on the mission and the product itself get's neglected. But, this isn't the case with this brand. Though owned by two non-POC, I respect that there wasn't an agenda to whitewash these pieces created by African artisans, but in fact enhance the style created by them, which is reflected through the models, to the branding as a whole.