Is it just me, or do the sweltering summer months feel like one long occasion of endless opportunities? From the weekend escapes, unlimited mimosa brunch dates, day parties to BBQ’s turned house parties. It would be an understatement to say that the summer isn't a lituation.

Anxiety rushes through my body just thinking about being presented with plans. I’m really not the spontaneous type of chick, maybe it’s my Virgo rising but I do need a few days notice before I show my face, for numerous reasons. Firstly, two things have to be on my point: my look & my hair. You can not be out in these streets looking like a snack and your hair is a mess, nope. At that point you're merely the cracker they serve on the first Sunday. You're blessed, but you're not filling yourself up. Fill yourself up!

The beauty of natural hair is versatility but my biggest threat is franticly obsessing over my next hairstyle. There's always the fro route, but to be quite honest, the union of humidity & my 4b curls hasn't been a look that I've confidently adopted. Though cornrows aren't legitimately a seasonal style, there is something about black women with a sun-kissed melanated glow escorted by cornrows that shuts it down. Ugh, we're so on another level. The summer months become my playground for experimenting new braided do's and my current obsession are cornrows inspired by the nomadic tribe, Fulani, of north and sub-sahara Africa. The unconventional directions and style of this technique reminds me of the correlation to Fulani's nomadic lifestyle- traveling and connecting from all different places. You can't tell me that ain't magical!