Episode 10: To Lose is To Gain

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We know it's been a minute and we've missed you, tribe! It was necessary for us to take a step back and heal while we navigate through the losses we’ve been facing. For the 10th episode we wanted to bring it back to the circle of life. We all experience loss in some way shape or form. This seems to be the underlying theme of this eclipse season, so we’re journeying through loss by circumstances beyond your control and loss by means of releasing. This is the perfect time to sit with yourself & think about  Plus we’ve added a new ritual to our podcast experience, a tarot reflection! ( sorry for echoed sound quality!) 

Lunarverse happenings: 

  • Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon in Leo

    • Heart chakra is very important! Be honest with yourself about where you’ve been, where you’re going, and most importantly where your heart is guiding you

    • Sit with yourself, especially your shadow.

    • Soul alchemy is occurring, think about redefining who you are and how you show up for yourself + walking in the path that your heart guides you vs. what you thought was the right path.

  • Lions Gate Portal Opening ( 8/8/2018)

    • Sun, Earth and Sirius (star known as "spiritual sun") are in alignment.

    • Sirius is transmitting divine light, truth and consciousness.

    • It is an energetic potion that allows us to experience & feel things beaming from higher realm; dream work, spiritual awakenings, psychic downloads are common.

This weeks ritual: 

  • Burning of green candle to open up our heart chakra and visualize a bright light from the stars beaming into our heart. 

This weeks affirmation:

I lovingly accept that there is beauty in pain. I lovingly accept that a loss is always a gain. I acknowledge my power, my resilience & my strength as the universe forces me to accept change. I welcome this necessary journey for my soul. 

Quote reflection: 

Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes round in another form. - Rumi

Tarot reflection: Strategy + Wheel of Fortune 

Because we have this super new moon, so many of us are going to be in our journals, planning, setting intentions & even expanding on the intentions that we’ve set in the past that are currently blooming. And if you aren’t currently do that, I strongly encourage you to.

Take some time to yourself to truly think about what you want to accomplish and establish honest intentions that reflect exactly what it is you desire and even AND beyond. Some of us can even be aiming higher and broadening our horizons. 

The key is to remember that when we set these intentions, some of us have a map out in our mind of how we visualize the journey to go, but the wheel of fortune in reverse reminds us of the natural twists and turns that life can take us—Especially with 6 planets in retrogrades. In no way shape or form does this mean that your intentions will not materialize, if they are aligned with your thoughts & action OF course they will! However, find peace in the moments that you may not be able to control or you feel that you’re being thrown off course. The path that we envision ourselves walking in may not be the same path that God has for us..this may change the direction, but it doesn’t change the destination. Always keep the bigger in picture in mind and focus less on the uncontrollable events.