Episode 9: SOUL TO SOUL

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Are you aware, that before you even came into this physical dimension (3D) your soul made a commitment with the universe? This commitment is your soul contract. In that soul contract, your soul makes a choice to experience, manifest and feel certain things for your consciousness to evolve. You also choose your soul team, or some love to call "soulmates". Don't be fooled, you have many soulmates whose purpose expand beyond romantic connections. Sometimes it's your romantic partner, other times it might be a family member or best friends. Their purpose is to reveal parts of ourselves that we reject or are so deeply hidden, in order to heal. They force us to confront our shadow selves, so, yes, sometimes that's painful! But, be sure to never confuse abusive relationships for soulmate connections. Allow yourself to be present, in those moments you can identify the synchronocities the universe provides for us to expand our souls consciousness. Have you found any of your soulmates yet? 

Lunarverse happenings: 

  • Super New Moon in Gemini

    • New beginnings, new patterns, new opportunities

    • theme of communicating kindly, gently and empathetically

    • We're ready for change, but must take a different approach by holding our feelings accountable

    • Explore the boundaries between your highest self, physical self and subconscious self

      • identify what you want.

      • how does it feel? what does it look like?

  • Give gratitude to not only what's visible, but the unknown and blessings that have not yet manifested

This weeks ritual: 

  • Burning of blue candle to allow intuitive energy to be our companion; use it as a tool of clear, effective communication, emotional fluidity and healing. 

This weeks affirmation: 

I am an infinite being, here to FULFILL my souls prophecy. my soul is my personal map to ascension, as i continue to walk in my purpose and elevate my higher self through each lifetime.

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Quote reflection: 

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other - Paulo Coelho