Episode 11: Sister to Sister

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“Sis” this, “sis” that. We throw the word around so freely, yet we don't seem to genuinely embrace each other in that light. In this episode, it was important for us to dissect the dynamics between black and brown women, on and offline. We’re supportive on the internet, but do we genuinely keep that same energy in person? Let’s be honest, so we can move forward and truly “run the world”, word to our queen Bey. We’re talking about sisterhood; what that looks like, feels like and means to us. We share our negative and positive experiences within the realm of sister, whether friendships or just sharing space. How can we show up for each other with respect and acceptance? Encourage someone else’s tribe and find your tribe. 

Lunarverse happenings: 

  • Saturn direct in the sign of Capricorn

    • Saturn rules structure, time, elderly wisdom, lessons.

      • With it now direct and in the sign of Capricorn we can enforce maturity, discipline, bossing up into our lives

  • Mercury direct in the sign of Virgo

    • With it being the planet of communication Virgo projects this sharpness about how we communicate, without the embellishments or feeling like we have to walk on egg shells.

  • New Moon in Virgo

    • We can restart our goals and mission & be intentional about we declare on our lives

    • key themes: progress, self mastery, investment, productivity, stability, structure, routine, health, medicine and action.

This weeks ritual: 

 Burning of blue candle to awaken truth, unwavering communication and kindness. 

This weeks affirmation:

I love and accept my authentic self in a way that dilutes insecurities & allows me to accept my sisters as co-creators. I acknowledge that the universe has abundance for all of us. 

Quote reflection: 

 Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister” - Alice Walker

Tarot reflection: Death + The Chariot

Why are we having so much trouble letting things go?  We have to stop trying to fit things into our lives when we’re way beyond it. 

Our lives shift— we evolve and take different shapes, therefore we can no longer take old habits, thought patterns, behaviors with us. Some of us are going as far as begging people to stay in our lives, just for the sake of our comfort or having a security blanket. Lets dead it! Right now we need to be magnifying our lives down to every single detail; what sense does it make to try to nurture the extraneous. That means we aren’t being discerning and picky like a Virgo with our time and energy. Think of this as a period of revival, if you have another chance to live again & build your life back up.. what are you going to do differently? Indecision breeds paralysis, what choice are you going to make? Make a decision, set an intention and make small steps to support it. 

The Chariot is an encouragement to go full force with your mission. We already have the energy of Saturn in Capricorn to help us with being disciplined, enforce your will power by taking back control of your life. The momentum of the chariot is an energy much like gravity in the way in which is almost carries you. Are you preparing yourself to take flight? Remember to pack light; this energy is filled with willpower, determination and strength which will inevitably guide you to success in this new chapter of your life.