Episode 7: Alchemizing the Witch in You

With a New Moon in Taurus approaching on the same day Taurus transits into a new sign, it’s safe to say we’re being presented with with fresh, transformational energy. So, why not use this time to activate our inner magician? As we discussed in the last episode, we’re all provided with divine gifts. In addition to that, we ALL have the power to harness our psychic abilities and intuition. In episode 7, we’re casting spells with intention! #WitchLife. We talk about the union of consciousness & words in casting spells AND provide a few different ways to cast spells

Lunarverse happenings: 

  • New Moon in Taurus

    • New beginning, planting seeds for new foundation

    • Taurus energy: security, beauty, being grounded, practicality & getting shit done!

  • Taurus entering Uranus

    • Transit for the next 7 years

    • Masculine & disruptive energetic shift

    • Uranus: revealing what we can't see, revolutionary change, enlightenment, innovation, breaking free of older thought patterns or habits, individuality and F R E E D O M

This weeks ritual: 

  • Lighting of purple candle to awaken our 3rd eye, enhance psychic abilities and intuition. 

This weeks affirmation: 

I am magic, I create magic. As a divine element of the universe I realize and optimize my alchemy. I speak & so it is. 

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Practical ways to cast spells: 

  • Affirmations

  • Candle Magic

  • Bath Magic

  • Jewelry

  • Written Spells

*Remember to cleanse and purify your space using Palo Santo, incense, sage or florida water. 

Quote reflection: 

"The human race is a very, very magical race. We have a magic power of witches and wizards. We're here on this earth to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it.” - Yoko Ono 


Episode 3: How Spirituality Choose Us

We’re tracing back to a defining moment in our lives that shaped our spiritual beliefs. From Baptist church, to Catholic schools to magic and altars. We didn’t have elders in our family to give us the keys and guide us. How did we get here? By realizing we didn’t need a medium to connect to the divine. The highest source is not only all around us, but is within us. She, God, Allah, Oludumare, Jevoah- however you feel most comfortable addressing it, is the ultimate shapeshifter; presenting itself in various shapes and forms to connect with all of us. Everyone has a unique journey, here’s a glimpse of ours.

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Lunarverse happenings: 

  • Full Moon in Virgo - amplified energy!

    • Fine tuning all aspects of our lives

    • Removing things that no longer serve us & making room for a magical awakening

  • Moon located @ 11 degrees

    • 11 numerology : master number, heightened intuition, psychic abilities, connection to higher self

    • focus: being at peace

This week's ritual: 

  • White candle lighting for peace - calming, tranquility, absence of hostility

This week's affirmation: 

I am still, I am the calm within the storm. My mind, my body and my spirit exist in this state of peace and wellness despite the noise and static outside of me, because all is well within me. 

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Quote reflection: 

"The spiritual journey is not about acquiring something outside yourself, rather, you are penetrating deep layers and veils to return to the deepest truth of your own being." - Ram Dass 

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Episode 2: Self Love & The Untold Truths

In episode 2 we are vulnerably debunking the flowery image of self love and exchanging it for the real. This conversation is a reminder that self love doesn’t always look or feel pretty. In fact, making yourself a priority, preserving your energy and healing through trauma can be the uncomfortable or painful parts of our journey; but it’s what’s best for our growth. Join us in listening to our inner voice and taking the necessary steps towards being in alignment with the energy we need to vibrate higher daily and heal collectively.

Also available on iTunesSoundcloud, and Google Play

Lunarverse happenings:

  • Full Moon in Virgo

This weeks ritual: 

  • Yellow candle lighting in honor of beauty and healing associated with our Solar Plexus chakra that’s centered in personal power and confidence.

  • Connected to Yoruba deity of love, sensuality, womanhood, fertility and beauty - Oshun.

  • Sun energy, healing energy

This weeks affirmation: 

I am connected to source. I am the love that I seek. I am the peace that I seek.I need not look further than myself because all that I seek resides within me. 

Quote reflection: 

"Healing works through a kind of detox: things have got to come up in order to be released. That is true of our personal issues, and also our collective issues. We can't just push the darkness down, pour pink paint over it and then pretend it's not there. We have to look at it, accept that it exists and then release it for healing." - Marianne Williamson