Let's talk about forgiveness! It liberates us from suffering over the past and it forces us to be in the Now. Radical forgiveness is a way to look at forgiveness from a spiritual point of view that encourages a shift in perception. We're chatting about surrendering to the flow of life - allow life to happen! Perception plays a huge role in this process because the things that we criticize and judge the most are only reflections of our internal world.  We have to understand that every experience is unfolding to benefit our spiritual growth and soul evolution. Acknowledge, feel, reveal, heal and repeat! 


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Lunarverse happenings: 

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Gemini

    • Themes of truth, freedom, liberation, expression

    • It’s a time to think about what perceptions, thoughts and ideas we need to let burn and release.. and which ones we need to nourish, optimize and explore freely and candidly

This week's ritual: 

  • Burning of red candle: think about how you will free yourself, unapologetically. Break those invisible barriers and embody the archer by aiming higher

This weeks affirmation: 

 I acknowledge this human experience as an opportunity to heal and evolve. I graciously accept the experiences and the people that I have chosen on to assist my journey. Thank you for your gifts. 


Steps to Radical Forgiveness: 

  1. Tell the Story 

  • Tell your truth exactly as you see it. 

     2. We Have to Feel the Feelings

  • Access the pain of those negative emotions in order to begin healing.

     3. Collapse the Story 

  • This stages allows us to recognize that much of our story is based upon our own interpretation of the event or a projection that has little to do with the event- remove victimization!

     4. Radical Forgiveness Reframe

  • See and experience the story differently

     5. Intergration 

  • Integrate the change into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so it becomes a part of who you are.

Quote reflection: 

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” - Marianne Williamson